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Lois Craig is a unique and historic school that has been educating children for over 50 years!


Ms. Lois Craig was a long-time resident of Las Vegas. She came to Las Vegas from San Diego in 1927 to work for Mr. Witcher at the Boulder Club. She was the first employee of Pioneer Title and Insurance Company when it began in Las Vegas. There were only three employees then. In 1940, she went to work for F.C. DeVinney, who was the County Treasurer. Shortly afterward, an accident left her partly handicapped.

After her retirement, Ms. Craig operated a small one-passenger electric car around the streets of Las Vegas.

She assumed considerable charitable work on behalf of children, giving both time and money, but with very little publicity and mostly on her own efforts. She was closely allied with the Clark County Humane Society.

Ms. Craig owned the plot of land on which the school bearing her name sits. She made the land available to the Clark County School District at a greatly reduced price contingent upon the land being used for a school site.

On November 22, 1964, the school on the plot of land she used to own was dedicated to Ms. Lois Craig, and has since been named Lois Craig Elementary School.

Lois Craig Lions Motto

Every minute matters! 

Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe, Be Your Best!

Code of Excellence

Our Mission

Lois Craig Elementary School will provide a safe environment, rigorous instruction, high expectations, encourage active community engagement, and develop productive members of society.

Our Mission

District C. Trustee

Evelyn Garcia Morales is the District C Trustee for Clark County School District. Click on the link to read about her, and how she has dedicated her life to education.

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Every Minute Matters!

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