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Jackie Wyett - Lois Craig E.S., Principal


I'm very excited to serve the Lois Craig family as principal!  I was born in California and raised in Reno, Nevada and have been in the Las Vegas valley for over 20 years. 


My oldest daughter graduated from the University of Nevada Reno with her Bachelors of Science in Biology and a Bachelors of Arts in French. My son is a senior at the University of Nevada Las Vegas studying Computer Science. I also have one daughter that is a senior at Shadow Ridge High School. Lastly, I am recently blessed to raise my niece and two nephews who will also be attending school in Clark County. 

I received my undergraduate degree from the University of Phoenix, in Business Administration. After a few years, I continued my education and received my master's degree in Elementary Education from the University of Phoenix and a few years later, I also received a master’s degree in Administration and Supervision from Sierra Nevada College.


I've taught and worked with grades Kindergarten thru 5th grade as a teacher, RBG3 strategist, and ELA coach. I worked as an Assistant Principal at Ruby Duncan Elementary School before my appointment as Principal at Lois Craig Elementary School. When I'm not at school I enjoy spending time with my family; my dogs, Harley and Koko; traveling; hiking; and cheering on my favorite football team: The Chicago Bears.


Jackie Wyett

Lois Craig E.S., Principal

Phone: 702-799-4910  Fax: 702-799-4942


Heather Bergdoll - Lois Craig E.S., Assistant Principal

Gonzalez, Heather .jpeg

I’m excited to continue serving as your Assistant Principal for the 2022-2023 school year! I am very eager to work with Ms. Wyett and the Lois Craig staff to provide your child with an enriching and positive school experience.


I was born and raised in Las Vegas and I am proud to say that I am a product of the Clark County School District. I grew up in Northwest Las Vegas and graduated from Centennial High School. I earned my bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from UNLV.  I began my teaching career in the Clark County School District as an elementary school teacher in grades two through five. I’ve also served as a middle school teacher, a Digital Learning Strategist, and a RBG3 learning strategist. 

I earned my Master’s degree in Advanced Teaching and Leadership from Sierra Nevada College, with a focus on Administrative Leadership.

I strongly believe that all students can succeed and it is our duty to ensure that every child is provided a safe learning environment in which they receive the individualized support they need in order to reach their full potential. Additionally, I believe that our students should feel like they’re a part of a community. Thus, I focus on fostering a strong partnership between home and school and creating lasting, meaningful relationships.


When I am not at school, I enjoy gardening, cooking, traveling, and spending time with my new husband as we cheer on our favorite football and basketball teams: The Philadelphia Eagles (GO BIRDS!) and The Philadelphia 76ers.


I look forward to getting to know all of you and being a partner in your child’s education. Please know that I have an open door policy and welcome the opportunity to meet with you. Once again, I am truly honored to serve the families in this community and I look forward to a fantastic year!


Heather Bergdoll

Lois Craig E.S., Assistant Principal

Phone: 702-799-4910

Assistant Principal

Luciana Hart - Lois Craig E.S., Assistant Principal

I am thrilled to introduce myself as the new Assistant Principal at Lois Craig, ES. I am enthusiastic about joining this fantastic school, which is known for its commitment to academic excellence and holistic development.

I was born and raised in Brazil, where I started my education career 20+ years ago. I earned my bachelor’s degree in Administration, Supervision, and Teaching k-12 from the University of Sao Paulo. I began my teaching career as an elementary school teacher. Still, I soon decided to explore and teach other areas of education, such as English as a second language for adults and technical education. Before moving to the USA, I was exploring the world of high school as a coordinator. 


As soon as I moved to the USA in 2010, I earned my Master’s degree in Special Education from UNLV, and since then, I have fallen in love with teaching and leading special education teams. This passion has led me to continue my studies and earn my doctoral degree in organizational leadership, emphasizing special education.  In the USA, I have taught in the resource room and self-contained classrooms and have led the special education team at Craig, ES, as a special education instructional facilitator for the past three years. 

I have dedicated my career to fostering a supportive and inclusive learning environment where every student can thrive. My general and special education teaching background has prepared me to contribute meaningfully to Lois Craig Elementary School's continued success. 

When I am not at school, I enjoy spending time with my two kids: Lucas, who grew too fast and will soon start high school, and  Kevin, my four-legged dog, who loves exploring the mountains during our daily walks. I also sew, paint, and read some great books. 

Meet Our Teachers & Staff!



Our fabulous pre-k teachers:

Angelica Trelles

Natalia Rosas - LT


Our amazing kindergarten teachers:

Natalie Whitford

Julia Guido (LT)

La Joya Brooks (LT)

First Grade

Our tremendous first grade team:

Annie Nicholson

Alison Bryant

Tammy Albani

Dorothy Amerson

Second Grade

Our dedicated second grade team:

Crisantha “Cristina” Soriano

Yamell Vazquez- LT

Jasmin Monino

Lene Bating

Third Grade

Our marvelous third grade teachers:

Cecilia Fernandez

Miriam Odom (LT Sub)

Kimberly Lopez - LT

Fourth Grade

Our outstanding fourth grade teachers:

Sammy Tortal

Shanda Hinton

Marsha Thompson

Fifth Grade

Our fantastic fifth grade team:

Carlos Polis

Pierre Shelton

Shashaank Singh


Art - Gregory Lauck

Library - Jianna Brown

Music - Sydney Wilson

PE - Robert Pratus

Steam - Cynthia Quist

Office Staff

Shameeka Paige-Brown

Lisandy Morales-Clerk

Javon Anderson - SBT

Brenda Chavez- OS II

Kenya Edwards - School Health Assistant

Suzanne Blea - LLS Strategist

Julissa Trujillo - Nurse

Connie Brown (LT) - SOSA

Cherlyn Anderson - 21st Century

Courtney Denson-Rudolph - Safe School Prof

Latanya Hafeez - Counselor

Luciana Hart - SEIF

Casey Abad - CIS

Alyssa Castanon-Boys Town

Arman Littlefield - Boys Town

Apollo Villa-Real - GATE

Specialized Support Staff

Maricza Mejia - Psychologist

Lydia Lopez - Speech

Heather Hurey (Friday) - Speech

Leticia Rodriquez - Primary Resource

Benjie Salas -Ylanan Inter/Primary FLS

Rocio Quinones - LT Primary Autism

Peishan Hsieh-OT

Marivic Talandron - Intermediate Autism

Gertrude Calica-Barragan-PT

Elizabeth Granados - IA RR Primary

Maria “Denisse” Gudino - SPTA (Trelles)

Dee Pearce - Library Aide

Mitra Shokranifar - TFA (Rosas)

Jennifer Esparza-Ibarra - PE Aid

Rosa Uribe - IA RR Primary

Michelle Varsalona - SPTA-FLS

Michelle Quiba - SPTA- Autism I

Veronica Ruvalcaba - LLS Specialist

Marivic Santos  - SPTA-FLS

Lisa Petersen-Support Staff

Raven Scott - Campus Security Monitor

Aaron Perez - Campus Security Monitor

Custodian/Kitchen Staff

Kevin Walker-Head Custodian
Gerald Hardwick-Custodian

Kenneth Swinson-Custodian

Maria Rojas - Food ServiceCornell Williams - Custodian

Roseanna Colmenares - Custodian

Every Minute Matters!

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